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Operation Burning Sun was a complete success, outshining last years game by a long shot,

both gameplay and attendance wise. A new building was donated to Strategy Plus by G&L Airsoft with a bit of help from a few field patrons. Reviews of the action are posted here and professional pictures of the game can be located here. Thanks go out to all those who attended, G&L Airsoft for their awesome work, raffles, and game, the professional staff at Strategy Plus and the team leaders who gave up a lot of their trigger time to keep the games moving.

New Year, New Sponsor!

G&L Airsoft has signed on to bring some of the best prices, equipment and the most convenience to Connecticut's biggest Airsoft Community! With a wide array of Airsoft Guns, parts and accessories, as well as several payment options and pre-game delivery, you can count on G&L Airsoft to be at the forefront of Connecticut's Airsoft Retailers.

Airsoft CT Welcomes Strategy Plus as a new Sponsor!

Strategy Plus is Connecticut's Premier Airsoft and Paintball field offering acres of wooded play as well as an old western style log village and CQB Villages and forts. Other features are Sup' Air fields and hyperball fields for paintball play. A recent addition to thier services is a store both online via thier Supply Depot and at games. Game dates are listed in the Fields section of this site, on Strategy Plus's website and in our Forums! Please visit Chrispy's Supply Depot and show your support!

Team FilForce in Local Action!


March 2006

Mar 28, 2006:
New Homepage up.

Mar 27, 2006:
Registed domain.  Forums mirrored. goes live.

Mar 23, 2006:
Forums go live on surrogate domain.