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Bo’s Wounded Rule and other Airsoft “Death” Rules.

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Bo’s Wounded Rule for Airsoft

It was brought to my attention that there is no real description of the Bo’s Wounded rule in use through out the North East and other area’s. That kinda blows my mind as I could have sworn it was up here at one point, but a search showed up nothing, so for all those who care, read on. Bo’s Wounded Rule is the most commonly utilized hit rule in CT’s airsoft scene.  It’s used at all of the outdoor airsoft fields in the state as well as several outside the state.

In short, if you come out to a game, your going to be required to have a red rag, or something that stands out that signifies your out of play if you get hit.

There’s several variations as to what counts. Some fields regards any hit to your gun as a hit, where as at Strategy Plus games, that is over looked. Hits to any of your gear however count as a hit and you are out of play at that given moment.

Once out of play you are to stay, for a set period of time, in place with either the red rag on your head or white sock over your barrel. This is usually for 5 minutes which is why a watch or some means of tracking time is a requirement for these games.

During this down time, you CAN still communicate with team mates. While useful, there’s nothing that says the guy 40 feet from you can’t light you up for giving away his position either. You need to determine if it’s in your best interest to give an enemy position away.  Always keep personal safety and the safety of others in mind.

Up until time runs out you are considered “Wounded.”  Any of your team mates can come and rescue you during your wounded time. To do so, they simply need to run up, grab on to you, and never break contact until your time runs out. If either of you gets hit during this time, you are both considered dead and will need to walk back to respawn. Due to this, most veteran players, will only tag someone back in who has about 30-10 Seconds left on their wounded time. This minimizes the risk that either of you will be hit during the remaining time.  The last 30 seconds is not a rule, it’s a recommendation.  If you want to drag someone around for five minutes, that’s fine if you think you can both not get hit.

Once your time has elapsed, you have to walk back, with out talking, to respawn. There you can load up again (You should use your 5 minutes to reload) or just hop back into game play.   Remember, dead men tell no tales, and we’re not CSI.

If the enemy tags you while your wounded, you are considered dead and are required to walk back to respawn. Be careful when doing this to your opposing forces however, as that just sends them back into the game that much sooner. Sometimes it’s better to have one more gunner not firing than to send him/her back.

Other Airsoft “Death” Rules

Other rules require you to write your name on a pad at respawn. If you die a certain number of times you run out of respawns and must sit out. I kind of like this method. It forces people to work together to keep people from dying. It also shows that everyone gets hit. None of us are invincible, so everyone should have their name on there at one point or another, unless your just sleeping on the boundary of the field.   I’ve not seen this used in years.

National games revolve around dedicated medics and squad based tactics. These medics get a set number of bandages for their squad.  As you go about your business, you’ll eventually get hit.  A medic then comes and bandages you and you’re back in the fight.  Once your squads medics run out of bandages you have to sit in place until everyone on your squad is wiped out.  At that point, as a squad, you walk back to respawn, get more bandages, gear up, get your next orders and proceed onto your objective again.  This promotes team work and adds an element of resource management to the game.

And another airsoft death rule yet another deals with death cards. Everyone is issued 3 death cards from a deck. Every time your wounded, the enemy has the opportunity to come up and grab your death card. Depending on what it is, determines how many points each of your deaths are. Once yours is taken you walk back to respawn. When you go back to respawn, the ref gives you another card and after a set amount of time, your released back into the game. If you die 3 times, you sit out the rest of the round until the next starts.

That should cover the jist of it. Just remember, call your hits, play by the rules, and everyone will do just fine.   And always remember, PLAY SAFE.