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AirsoftCT Supports Local Fields!

Looking for Intel on Connecticut's LEGITIMATE Airsoft fields?

Look no Further.

Cromwell C.Q.B. and Proshop

CT's first indoor field and store, right in Cromwell!

PM CCAirsoftLLC for more info!

Front Line Battle Field

CT's newest store and field. Their field is located in @ Holiday Hill Recreation Center; 41 Chaffeeville Rd; Mansfield, CT. PM Punisher for more details.

Ground Zero Airsoft

CT's longest running Airsoft store now features a centrally located 60 acre Airsoft only field with several villages, a Vietnam style firebase and several bunker systems.

Click Banner above or Private Message Lester for more info!

Strategy Plus

CT's largest and longest continually running field with 120 acres of land, several villages, a castle, and other bunker systems.

Click Banner above or Private Message Chrispy for more info!

Want to submit your field?

Want your Field added to this list? Contact Us with your field information.

Please include field name, Contact info, URL and banner if applicable. Please keep all banners between 250 pixels high and 400 wide. Thank you! ALL FIELDS LISTED MUST BE LEGALLY OWNED AND INSURED LAND FOR USE WITH AIRSOFT REPLICAS AND MILSIM OPERATIONS! WE DO NOT CONDONE OR ENCOURAGE USE OF PUBLIC LANDS