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GZA: Attack on the Eagles Nest: 29 Jan 2012

 Post subject: GZA: Attack on the Eagles Nest: 29 Jan 2012
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:56 pm



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Attack on the Eagles Nest: GZA Alpha

Sunday Jan 29, 2012

Time 1000-1600
Ground Zero Airsoft Field
Wolcott, CT

After many years of hoping and researching there, as been a real break through in cloning. Even though the Nazi’s and Hilter were defeated over 65 years ago there were survivors who promised if it was ever possible to bring back the Reich and the leadership.

Hidden in alpine cabin is a stash of gold. This gold is to be used to buy the DNA of the Nazi leadership. The DNA is being stored by the Jollinski Family. This family has mambers who range from bankers to arms dealers. The Jollinski’s where never told what they exactly had but they have instructions that contacted they must go meet the people who have the gold and turn over the package.

There is one leader doctor who has the knowledge to put this DNA into reality.

A Private Military Contractors (PMC) group has been hired to retreive the gold, buy the DNA, locate the Doctor and complete the plan.

The PMC is also trying to make a deal for Radioactive Material to make a dirty bomb. The PMC has a deal with the Galizien Force to provide them with this product when they come across it. The PMC is hoping as long as they are making a deal with the Jollinski’s for one item they can make 2 deals in the same day, double there fee and only have one day of work for this simple task.

The German Government has received intel that Otto Bauman (a known mercenary recruiter) is trying to hire a group that is willing to take on a high risk, no questions asked job. With the rise in terrorist activities and the problems that have risen recently, GSG-9/1 has been notified of this activity and they have been activated.

Otto has been on the GSG-9/1 (CT, Counter Terrorist) watch list for some time. Most of his local contacts have been eliminated during covert GSG-9/1 Operations. GSG-9/1 has not been able to catch Otto making direct contact and is eager to catch him in the process of legal activities. They have open ended orders to eliminate Otto and any mercenary leaders and/or groups he is working with.

GSG-9/1 has been reprimanded in the past for their overzealous methods of CT. But because they are so effective in what they do most officials turn a blind eye to their CT activities.

GSG-9/1 has been tracking Otto activities. They have called in additional help from other Counter Terrorist Units.

If interested in being part of a PMC group and making big money for a 1 day mission make your way to the field.

If you are interested in stopping this group and put an end to the Third Reich once and for all come joint he Counter Terrorism Unit.

 Post subject: Re: GZA: Attack on the Eagles Nest: 29 Jan 2012
PostPosted: Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:03 pm



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I'll be there.

ABLE SQUAD!/ablesquad1

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Bubba Moore Training: Airsoft Ranger

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