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Welcome to Airsoft CT's Airsoft Reviews!

Be sure to check back for updated reviews on many of the newest products to hit the shelves, along with some older items for good measure. We aim to find the best equipment out there for specific needs and provide an honest opinion as to it's ups and downs.

Each review will be broken down into general impressions, packaging, build quality, testing and final thoughts.

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Direwolf Plate Carrier Overview

An overview of some of the plate carriers we run.

Tactical Universal Clip

Here is a review I did on the tactical universal clip. pretty cool product and I def recommend it if your looking for an alternative to a sling. ... 3VzM_SFuxQ

hang ten belt

Heres a quick review we did on the enola gaye hang ten belt

Enola Gaye smoke grenades

Helikon-Tex - Combat Shirt

Helikon-Tex Combat Shirt.


I went searching for an alternative combat shirt to the Massif and Tru-Spec shirts mainly due to the lack of a collar, the fact the chest area felt more like a thin t-shirt, and in the Tru-Spec’s case the bdu ripstop panel that links both arms on the back was never comfortable for me. While I have no problem with shelling out for the Crye stuff, as of right now civilians are looking at a fairly long wait for custom sized things, so I ended up searching out an alternative brand, and through some European friends was pointed to the Helikon-Tex brand (Based out of Poland). Disclaimer this isn’t a knock on the Massif or Tru-Spec combat shirts, as both of them also have a number of redeeming quality’s that the Helikon brand does not.


First thing you will notice is the fact that the chest area is a true underarmor style shirt, it is very thin, breathes well, and stays tight to the wearer. I hopped on a treadmill for 45 minutes, and I was kept cool and there was no pooling of sweat spots, stayed tight to the body. The arms are ‘summer weight’ standard 50/50 Nyco-Ripstop. And for a summer shirt, is very light and breathable, and the underarmor (according to the tag 95% polyester and 5% spandex) actually runs down the inside of your arms to the elbow. In a warm to very hot environment the Combat shirt is very good, unlike the Tru-Spec or Massif, due to the lighter material, this isn’t something you would want to wear on one of the swing days we get in early spring and fall, where it is cool in the morning and warm in the day. Wind, Cool and Cold goes right through this. Though when I was testing it I submerged it in a bucket of water, and hung it up to air dry and it did so very quickly, little moisture and dampness after an hour, focused around the elbows and wrist cuffs, and after 2 hours was completely dry, save for some moisture that had been trapped in the foam and plastic cup part of the elbow pad.


VFC PEQ 15 Review ... ture=g-upl

First of many for a long running gear/accessory review. Let me know how you like the camera view.

Also if anyone knows the best way to actually edit contour footage on a mac please let me know. imovie isn't letting me render the finished project and final cut pro doesn't like to recognize it as footage.


Pantac Dual M4 Open Top With Hard Inserts

Had this on my laptop since I was working for Operator Magazine. It never got a chance to be published, since the magazine stopped. Just wanted to share. NOTE: This is about a year old, and all info is not 100% accurate and up-to-date. Either way, here you go;



Pantac USA Limited Lifetime Guarantee;

Pantac USA warrants only to the original purchaser of Pantac USA products from a Pantac USA-authorized dealer that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Pantac USA reserves the right, before having any obligation under this LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY, to inspect the damaged Pantac USA product. To obtain warranty service direct from Pantac USA, please contact


Why they offer a limited lifetime guarantee;

"We pride ourselves on our workmanship and quality and have rarely seen any defects in our products. However, unlike some “other” companies we know that there is always a possibility something might happen and want to be prepared and ensure our users are well taken care of, that’s why we offer this Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Will you ever need to use it? It’s very doubtful, but our customers come first."



I ordered this pouch from Ordering the pouch was as simple and easy as any other airsoft product thus far. You are asked to fill out some questions, such as address, email, credit card information, and a coupon code (may vary).



As far as shipping goes, the options are up to you. It can change from Next Day Air (one day delivery), to Ground (five to seven business days delivery).



After you open the box and have a field day with the bubble wrap and shipping peanuts, you should fine it in a Pantac clear bag (made of relatively durable plastic). Stapled on the top is a cardboard tab with the Pantac logo, name, “Premium tactical gear”, and warrantee sticker. On the front of the bag is the tag with item name, product code, color, barcode, and Pantac logo. There is a slider tab to open and close the bag to get the item out, or you can just tear into it.



The pouch is made from 1000D Cordura Nylon with reinforced stitching. There were no loose, frayed ends, or threads hanging out. Built inside the pouch are little pieces of plastic, to make the pouch more robust. The main purpose of this is so that once a magazine is ejected from the pouch, it does not collapse together, causing a tough time replacing a magazine back into the pouch.



The pouch can hold one magazine in each pouch for a total of two. The hard plastic inserts give added retention, give the pouch a stronger build, and do not allow the pouch to collapse. This makes it easier to insert a magazine, sometimes without even looking. On the front of the pouch is molle webbing, so you have the option of attaching more to the pouch as well. The flap system fastens with velcro to aid in retaining the magazines when performing rigorous movements, such as running or crawling. All of the material is double stitched together.


• Robust
• Durable
• Easy to remove and replace magazines
• Molle webbing on the front of pouch
• Retains magazines well without flap up
• Double stitched
• Cheap price


• Flap system is annoying to work with
• Flap system can inhibit reloading and replacing of magazines, I solved this problem by cutting it off (Operator Magazine does not encourage altering your personal equipment)



The Pantac double m4 open top is available at the following locations:

The price new from these great retailers can range anywhere from $20 to $25.



This pouch is an affordable solution for anyone who is looking for a durable open top pouch. Highly recommended.