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Umarex/VFC HK 416 - Initial Impressions

This is going to get updated again later, this is just initial impressions. I've yet to play with this, just some initial testing and messing around with it.

I stopped into GroundZero the other day for their swap meet mostly to socialize with people I haven't seen in a good many months before making the mistake of walking into the actual store. (I didn't intend to spend any money that day.. this happens at Jo-Jo's too which is why I try not to go there.) They had all three variations of this gun, one with a tiny buffer tube and MP5 style collapsible stock, a heavy, similar to the SCAR Heavy (7.62) and the standard 416 CQB, which is what I opted for, as I like having standardized mags.

Those of you who know me know that I never sell my guns, I just keep fixing them as one platform is as good as another. That said, I buy a new gun annually just to ensure I have enough solid backups. My old CA M15-SPC has been in use since 2006 and has been repaired at least annually, and I just needed something more reliable.

So anyway, some 450 bucks later I walked out with a new Lipo battery, the HK 416 CQB, a sling mount for the back of the lower receiver and deans connectors professionally soldered on by NASCAR. I could do that myself, but no wear near as pretty as the work he did. Thanks bud. Note, that the gun normally retails for 450 or so by itself. I didn't realize they were having a sale that day too, so that certainly helped.

Appearance wise, the gun has what I think is an awesome collapsible stock with slots for 3 batteries in the cheek rest and what is arguably a fat rubberized butt plate. I like it. Others pointed out that it is too fat and won't sit properly against a plate carrier's shoulder straps. Others have swapped it out with real steel magpuls for that very reason, but in my initial testing it didn't prove true for me. I tried on a buddy's rig as well as my own and had no problems shouldering the replica comfortably. It just feels natural for me.

The rail system on this replica is outstanding. Not only does it lock solidly against the upper and present a flat rail profile on the top of the gun, it's also slim and begs the rifleman to use the mag well for handling the replica. I NEVER handle any of mine like this, including my real ones, and this one just makes it feel natural.

Standard iron sites are of a normal HK variety. The rear is a 4 hole wheel type similar to the MP5's and the front is a open circle with a standard post in the center. The site picture is engaging and easy to get on target.

One thing that annoyed me about my old CA was that the charging handle did not open the dust cover and pull back the "bolt". Not only does this one do that, but the bolt catch on the left side of the replica also releases the "bolt". The hop up unit is outstanding from what I've been told, and firing it seems to justify the praise. Instead of the standard V2 wheel style hop up unit common on most M16 series rifles, this replica utilizes a twist like a M14 or M249 rifle.

My initial impression of firing this replica was "Holy shit". The trajectory was noticeably flat and the bb's hit with authority. I've not gotten a chance to shoot it down range, but at the range I'd typically open up on an unsuspecting target, I was thoroughly impressed with the trigger response, accuracy and speed of the projectile. If I had to guess, I'd say 350 FPS with .25's, which is plenty acceptable for my needs. I don't think I'd even swap out the barrel on this one.

What I don't like about this replica.. The mag. While beautifully done, it has a little allen wrench to wind it up.. no wheel, no pull cable... a friggin tiny tool to loose in the field. This will be one of those high caps that gets wound up at home and then never filled again that day. Most of us that have played a while only use mids anyway, so this is perhaps not as big an issue, but I've lost more high caps in my day than many have owned, so I was looking forward to getting a couple new ones for those oh shit moments we all run into. This unconventional design was a disappointment, despite the fact that it winds smoothly and feeds well.

Speaking of mags... This is one of those replicas that is finicky on what it will take. Those with replica Magpul P-Mags will be upset to find that they will not secure themselves in the magwell of this replica HK 416. I have a box of King Arms mid caps that fit the gun fine, although it took a couple tries to seat. My standard CA high caps fit with no issue.

Sling mounts are ambidextrous but are pretty much only setup for a standard sling. I have to see if my Zahal IDF sling fits this, but I have a feeling that the clips are too wide for the front sling mounts that are on either side of the gas block. I opted to also purchase a multipoint sling mount that mounts to the back of the lower receiver where the buffer tube mounts. In the past I always ran large 9.6's so I usually had solid stock rifles to accommodate them. I was expecting the buffer tube to come off like a real one, but that's not the case. It's mounted similarly to the solid stock tubes where a bolt gets screwed into the spring guide in the gear box with a half circle locking plate. The castle nut does nothing but keep the backing plate on the lower. The Echo1 sling mount I purchased left an open hole in the bottom (presumably for wiring) that I did not like, so I took the old one off SPC and swapped the new one on to that. I like single point slings for these.

When I actually get a chance to get out there (Perhaps a day at Helmand) I'll update on its performance in the field. I'll also update with pictures when I have the time.

G&G R8-L

Bravo RDW(PDW)

So Airsplat sent out the Bravo RDW for us to do a review on figured I'd post a write up in here before the video gets posted on my teams youtube channel

So here goes:
The bravo RDW as it's marketed they call it a PDW on the gun.
overall it's full metal construction pretty sturdy build from what I could tell. Folding stock is metal and folds in and out really easy unlike other folding stocks i've used before that sometimes were difficult to fold out.
The gun weighs around 6lbs. It came with 1 100rd mid cap that is plastic but also takes any standard m4 mag which is pretty convenient on the field. The PEQ box that came with it was a bit flimsy but serves its purpose I would probably upgrade to one thats a bit more sturdy or use another means for battery storage. The barrel is dempled so gives it a pretty unique look and the outer barrel can be changed out in about 3 seconds to a shorter one that apparently sometimes comes with it and sometimes doesn't got me on that maybe they didn't include it since it was sent from marketing. It comes with a 9.6v 1100mah and the PEQ fit this pretty easy you could honestly put just about anything in the PEQ it was fairly roomy. The gun is also ambidextrous which was a plus for me since I'm a lefty the selector switch and mag release both operate well from either side Great function in my opinion also allows you to operate the gun with the stock folded in. The t handle opens the bolt cover to access the hop up as with most m4's but the access cover springs back with a working bolt release which is pretty neat if you like things to function and not just look pretty. The sights were all metal and folded up or down really easy and are also removable with a philips head, only issue was the front site was a bit wobbly after you adjust it but didn't effect accuracy.
So after playing with it a little we decided to do a chrono test on it with .25g Elite force BB's and a 9.6v 1600mah battery. It consistently shot between 390 and 400fps with 857rpm, so while it is small definately not a CQB gun till you wear in the spring or switch it out.
I personally like the little gun was easy to handle and maneuver around with and everything operated really smooth.

Full metal
Light weight
V2 Gear box

Wobbly front sight
High FPS for CQB without modification
Low Mah battery

Woods' KWA CQR Mod 1

This gun was $189.99, and is this cost on every airsoft website that I know of, or really look at. It's of course a cqb gun, so it has an fps around 350 with .20 grams, and 300-330 with .25 gram, which I use. I use these bb's because i find them more accurate in my gun, and .20's curve at around sixty, which is not very accurate playing outside. Inside, they are probably good, but I have yet to play inside cqb. The lower receiver is polymer, but very durable feeling. The six position le stock is plastic, and has very little to no wobbling, same as the handquard. The handguard houses the battery, and is perfect for my 9.6 1600 mah butterfly battery. With this battery, this gun shoots around seventeen rps. With a lipo, it shoots at around 20 rps, give or take. Metal upper receiver, barrel(in/out), selector switch, hop up and hop up release. The other polymer parts are the handgrip, mag that it comes with, handguard and the stock. The stock tube is metal. Overall, the gun is about six pounds, 34 inches long, depending on your stock settings, and a very great buy for a cheaper kwa gun. Fast shooting and the right bb's will make you dominate the field, indoor or out. If you have questions, or feel I missed something, comment or pm me.


As the title stated i will be doing a review on the KWA LM4 GBBR
Base Price 379.99$ for the LM4 PTR or 480$ for the LM4 PTS version
Some preliminary finding,
This gun shoots around 370-380fps w/ green gas
There are ways to make this gun cqb legal, the easiest way is to use 134a gas or duster gas. This drops the fps to about 330-340fps
The guns magazine can hold up to 40+1 bbs and on 1 fill of green gas for about 30 seconds you can get 2-30 mags worth of shots.
The KWA box for this gun is different then there other boxes it say KWA Professional, while the other gun boxes say KWA Engineered to out perform. There are two versions out there the LM4 PTR or the LM4 PTS version, the picture you see is the PTR version. The PTS version comes with a Magpul stock, grip, hand guard, and sights. As you can see the PTR version comes with plastic hand guard, metal carrying handle, and a LE stock. The buffer tube on the LM4 is not a regular airsoft buffer it is mil-spec size so not all stocks will fit on it.
The body of this gun is metal and has the whit laser engaving KWA LM4 PTR Professional. So because the body and alot of the other pars are metal this gun is not for the weak.



The realism of this gun is amazing KWA did a great job, when you take off the hand guard you see the gas tube run from the gun to the gas block.

The first thing I did with this gun was put an after market rail on it.

Next I took of the plain LE stock and put a magpul PTS stock on it. This gun wont except most airsoft stocks because the buffer tube is mil-spec size.

Now to the top, when putting the optics on I noticed the top rail had a slight wobble to it. But it want that noticeable.

When i went to change out the flash hider to a mock suppressor, I actually heard a noticeable difference in the noise level with this attachment. (Later on i will do a noise test in front of a measuring device and give the results)

Now onto the internals

This gun works like a real ar15 when disassembling, pop the pins but don't expect them to come completely out they are held in there by a little tab.
The whole trigger assembly is made of steel which is really cool, but the down side is the piston that propels the bb is plastic so there will be some wear and tear on the piston from where the hammer strikes it.

The piston the outer shell is metal. And the inner is plastic. This is were the steel hammer hits. After a while it will do damage to the piston. IN my opinion KWA try to do something great with the internals by making them steel, but they didn't think it through.

The recoil buffer and spring. There are many people saying that the recoil feels like an ar15, I personally can not agree with that because i have never shot one, but i can say the recoil is more like a .22 rifle.

I know the image is a little hazy but this is the hop up unit. KWA is using there GBBP hop design here. It even comes with the same hop up tool as there pistols. This is where i think KWA did a terrible job. Unlike other GBBR where the hop up adjustment is made by taking of the hand guard, this one is adjusted though the dust cover or by opening up the gun. The hop up unit is hard to reach, the teeth are plastic on the unit itself while the key is full metal. Also its hard to mesh the key and the unit together so sometimes you end up breaking a tooth on the unit.

Time to go back outside to the mags
The LM4 has a function bolt catch and release. A cool aspect of the LM4 is that the gun cant be safeted until the gun is cocked. I thought that was a cool feature, but some might disagree.

The magazines for this gun a expensive running to 45$ for the standard m4 mag to 70$ for the PMag. The LM4 as of now only takes the KWA LM4 mags there are no after market magazines out for it yet. The magazine can hold up to 40 rounds and weighs in at a whopping 1.2lbs. As i stated before you can get 2 to 3 mags worth of ammo down range with just one fill up so you don't need a many magazines but you still need a few.

A cool feature of the magazine is that the top portion that is just above the release valve and includes feeding lip is removable and made out of polymer. So if you drop the magazine and break the lip you don't have to buy another magazine you can just buy the upper portion.

The only con about this magazine is the fill valve is on the under side unlike most GBBR magazines the fill valve is on the side. This is bad because when you go prone or hit the dirt and go crawling, you will be getting bud and dirt up in the fill valve.

So overall if you have the money for the gun and some extra magazines, I would recommend this gun. It shoots well, has a nice kick, and add a lot of realism to the game when playing with gun. I personally love it.

Disclaimer: Taking apart the gun like I did voids your warranty. Also KWA recommends you use green gas and green gas only in this gun.

Binky's Ares Tavor Tar-21 Review.

So this gun has been reviewed umpteen times by any number of people, including Moondog, so I won't be going in-depth like they did. This will simply be my own observations. Oddly enough, the quality control tag on this gun was from 2009, so I'm assuming that these have not been flying off the shelf lately. Also, the relatively poor MARS sight version is now cheaper than the full size Dark Earth (tan) version with the rails that I purchased.

Every review I read mentioned that these things had horrible air seals, which were responsible for the poor performance out of the box. I'm personally more interested in the platform than stock performance so this was slightly moot to me. That said, there are some proprietary parts in this gun, which can make upgrading it annoying if you're used to just building M4's.

The gun comes in a decent box with everything needed short of a battery. This includes a metal midcap, a metal flash hider to replace the orange plastic, and a feed tube for it. I found some difficulty fitting this mag into the mag-well with the rifle shouldered. The MAG Midcaps I used are plastic and did not get caught up as there were no edges as there are on the metal midcap supplied by Ares.

With .20's the gun didn't even shoot 270. Obviously, this gun suffers from the same airleak the others do as I believe they should be shooting approximately 330. I'll be adding a o-ringed air nozzle and a tighter cylinder head to fix this before bothering with an upgraded spring.

Spring replacements are simple and can be done by simply un doing a screw in the back and releasing the spring guide. No removal of the gearbox is required.

The barrel is a standard barrel, no tight bore included as some of the reviews have noted. That said, the accuracy of the gun is fantastic, despite the low FPS. Range obviously is poor compared to what I prefer, but fixing the air leak should help that. Hop up adjustment at present is also poor, and I'm assuming thats due to it not having enough power to follow through. Maxed out, the bb moves slightly upward then falls off at about 100-150 feet. I did note that its moving in the same direction at that point. Replacing the hop up will be something I'll look into when I take the gear box apart but at present I believe fixing the airleak will give me what I'm looking for with the stock hop up unit. The hopup unit is part of the gear box (proprietary parts..) and it's accessible by moving the charging handle. The bolt catch releases the dust cover over the hop up.

In this picture you can see the push button on the for grip, where the sling mounts are located, the charging handle to access the hop up(which is on the other side), the fire selector, and both iron sights folded down. I've left the orange flash hider in place as I plan on using this gun at Pine Plains and if memory serves me correctly, they require it.

Here you can see the opposite side. Rails are on this side, as is the push pin to open the the butt plate. The fire selector on this side is merely an indicator. It'd need to be reversed along with the charging handle to be setup for a south paw. Both Iron sights are swung up or out to rest in their upward positions in this picture. An ACOG fits perfectly over the rear sight post with the iron sight down. Mag release is right before the magazine. Some have expressed concern with inadvertently releasing the magazine when maneuvering with the gun, but I have yet to experience that. I can see how it'd happen, but I've been unable to replicate it with normal use.

Trigger response on this gun is wonderful. It has a nice crisp feel to it and responds instantly. I'm using an 11.1v 1500 mah battery on it so that may have something to do with it. Please note that you can pretty much only use batteries that'd fit in a buffer tube of an M4 for this one. This means the slightly larger Gforce 25c 11.1V 1800 mah batteries I purchased are just a tad too big. Battery/spring access is accessible by pushing out a push pin and rotating the butt stock down. I ended up swapping the mini connector to a deans as all my batteries use them.

The gun feels solid. As stated, I bought this more for the platform than stock performance, and I'm thrilled with that. Not a rattle to be found. Everything is solid. The front hand grip has a two pin push button for activating the stock MARS reddot/laser setup or what ever you feel like wiring up and mounting to the rails. Shouldering it is perfectly comfortable with no gear on. With a plate carrier, I found it slightly awkward in the shoulder region due to the extra mass, but nothing I couldn't manage. I'll have to adjust things to use this to better effect. The standard iron sights are of the flip up variety and work reasonably well for what they are. I'm not much of a person for sighting with airsoft, so this is moot for me.

There's a sling mount up front that's reversible (everything on this gun can be setup for ambidextrous use), and a hole in the back of the gun for a paracord sling mount. The first day I used this I used a single point sling and that left a lost to be desired. I later ordered an IDF 2 point sling that is a wonderful improvement. Click here for a review of the IDF Improved 2 Point sling from

Once I get this thing properly outfitted I'll update on the performance once again. If you plan on leaving this gun stock, I wouldn't purchase it. You can easily buy a cheap clone gun from Echo1 or A&K that will offer much higher performance straight out of the box, albeit while sacrificing build quality and reliability elsewhere. If you don't have a problem with updating a few pieces in a weird gear box design and like unique bullpup rifles, you may want to consider this.

Bravo BV7 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

I picked this up just so I could have a little diversity and some fun at the walk on games. Not looking to really get into the sniper role for bigger games, just to try some differant things. So this is my first review and the first of the 3 guns I own that I'll do.

Bravo BV7 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
Bought at Hot Spot Airsoft- NY
Price- $99.98 free shipping over $70 and a 10% discount $30.00 for Upgrade spring and cyclinder
Total spent- $116.00
First Impression-
Comes in a large rectangle box, black, w/ BV7 on it.
----Nicely and tightly packaged in hard styrofoam case. Comes in 2 pieces, w/ one 30 rd magazine, speed loader, cheap strap, metal bi-pod. Also had about 100 BB's in a bag. Don't know wieght or size, not listed. Came with a flimsy grey rod.
------Website says Owners Manual included, however after research no manual exists for this gun.
------Gun stock is ABS plastic. Not good for regular skirmishing, but as a sniper you don't move as fast.
Barrel is 100% metal and good wieght. Roughly 6.5 lbs
------Gun measures 49 inches barrel measures 22 inches from front of stock piece.
------Gun is all black, except for bolt. Almost a flat black which makes it good for adding camo to it.
------I added the upgrade to make it shoot 550 fps w/ .2's, stock shoots 475 fps. Range is stated as 220 ft.
------Hop up is odd, it is a little bar that protrudes from where the bipod connects to the rail and slides back and forth about 1 inch total.
------With the upgraded spring it is hard to pull back the bolt to cock it. Hopefully it becomes alittle easier with some use.
------Working on Video Review soon