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How to Join an Airsoft Team

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Joining an Airsoft Team – How to get involved with airsoft teams.

Airsoft Team

One of the first things new airsoft players look for once they wrap their heads around what airsoft is, is “how can I get on an airsoft team?”   The answer to that is, unfortunately not that simple, and like everything else in life, will usually involve time and effort to have a good experience.  Read on to find out how to get involved with solid, honest airsoft teams that make the sport of airsoft better for everyone!

Sad Truth – Airsoft Teams do NOT Recruit Online.

Unfortunately, none of the serious airsoft teams recruit online.  99% of the success of an airsoft team is proper recruiting of like minded individuals around a common goal.  It’s nearly impossible to find the exact qualities in airsoft players that a team requires from airsoft forums, aside from wanting be a part of a team.

So Whats the Point at Looking at Professional Airsoft Teams and Amateur Airsoft Teams Online?

It gives you an idea who what airsoft teams do what, and what kind of people are on them.  A couple clicks show you that they’re made up mostly of kids, or hardcore MILSIM, or old farts.  You can see who’s serious, who’s just out for fun, and who’s just starting out.  Looking at all this info helps you narrow down the possibilities of which airsoft teams you’d actually make a good fit for.   They also list the requirements for each of the teams.  Some are 21+, some 18+, others all ages.  Some require military or police experience, some require certain military uniforms and common airsoft guns.  You can find a plethora of information that give you an idea of how old you need to be, how much money you’d need to spend to become a member in good standing and how often you’d be playing with the airsoft team.

Airsoft Field Research – Meeting Airsoft Teams in Person.

When you find one that you think you’d be a good fit for, it’s time to go out to some of the airsoft games they’d be at and watch how they play.  Talk to a few of the airsoft team members.  See if you get along with their personalities.  If anything feels awkward or weird, try again a couple weeks later and see if it still feels off.  If everything feels right however and you guys are laughing and having decent conversations, it’d be worth asking about joining the team.

Recruitment Period for Airsoft Teams.

If they decide you might be a good fit, there’s usually a recruitment period.  You’ll be asked to attend a few meetings, if they have them, practices, if the team practices, and games they’d be at.  With Airsoft Teams, reputation is everything. If they find that you’re horrible at calling you’re hits, or acting like a douche bag on the field towards other players, you’re unlikely to make the cut.  No one wants a team full of dishonest airsoft players, or people that don’t interact well with others. One bad airsoft player can ruin the reputation of an entire team, even if kicked off.  The goal of the Recruitment Period is to ensure they won’t have to kick you off.

What YOU Should Look for in the Airsoft Team You’re Trying Out For?

The same thing.. if you see people acting unethically, cheating, or generally being abusive, run, don’t walk away from the airsoft team.  No airsoft team is worth getting a bad reputation, so if they don’t perform with the honorable play you deem necessary, thank them for the opportunity and move on until you find one that works for you.  If there are none, consider starting your own airsoft team around the mission statement and ideals you’re looking for in an airsoft team.