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New local stores directory added to main website

Tactical Paintball and Airsoft CT LLC is a pro-shop which serves hundreds of clients in the tri-state area.
We have been serving our awesome clientele for almost 10 years.

We offer a wide variety of quality paintball and airsoft products, provide consultation and repair,
and coordinate events throughout the year.

Our current product line includes:
• G&G Armament (of which we are an authorized dealer and can be found on both their site as well as catalogs) • Elite Force (H&K Dealer)
• Valken
• Voodoo Tactical
• Empire
• BT
• Spyder
• CP (Custom Products)
and many more.

Tactical Paintball is also a proud sponsor of the team The 203rd Knights, a 20 member group with individuals ranging from 16 - 40+ years young. We also support local organized teams, and encourage them to visit our shop for sponsorship opportunities.

We are eagerly awaiting the relocation of our pro-shop, and will announce our new address prior to our grand opening. For repairs, contact us at 203.909.2030.

Please visit us at or visit

Amity Army & Navy - 399 North Main St - Naugatuck CT 06770

Amity Army & Navy
399 North Main Street
Naugatuck, CT 06770

An old school Army Navy store bringing a large selection of authentic military items at great prices.

Camping and survival gear available also. If you are a prepper or survivalist, you have found your homebase!

This store sells cheaper than the rest! PERIOD.

We carry a nice line of items such as, Multicam, ACU, UCP, BDU, woodland and desert marpat, ABU, 3 stripe desert, woodland, NWU, AOR 1, AOR 2, pouches, rain gear, boots, knives, bayonetts, helmets, body armor, 782 gear and much more!

Offering Pistol permit and Survival classes.

Ops 5 November 9th @ Cromwell CQB

This is a 5 man team event! Your team will be playing against the Cromwell team! The Cromwell team is stationary and must remain in their designated area! There's a twist to this! Each team member is allowed 20 rounds! A total of 100 rounds per team! The Cromwell team will also have 20 rounds each! Weapon of your choice, (no snipers!) All mags will be loaded by a CQB staff to ensure each mag has 20 rounds only. Choose your shots wisely, and utilize team work! This Op is for speed & precision in a combat situation, does your team have what it takes to complete the mission?

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE (revenge of the Zombies)

Hey guys! Its time for Cromwell CQB Airsoft [/color]annual Zombie Apocalypse ( Revenge of the Zombies) Op! October 26th @ 17:00 - close. ( may run a little later than 20:00.) This is a 5 man team event and prizes will be awarded for 1st & 2nd place winners! As always with all CCA's Special ops FREE pizza is included! Hope we will see some of you Zombie lovers at the op! This year there will also be a prize for best Zombie costume!

17:00 hrs. - Close
$35.00 admission
Bring Zombie costume if you can!
This is primarily a pistol and shotgun Op! SMG OK.

Eyes Of Death Needs the help from the community......

Hey everyone on Sat.13,2013 a team member and his family lost the house and all belongs to a fire. I Freddy (aka Fubar) and the team are trying to put together things such as food clothing etc,,,,, for the family.There are two adults, two boy, two dogs, one bunny.Anything helps at this point and if you can help us out it would be wonderful. Any donations can be dropped off at Tactical Airsoft 20-J Hultenius st Plainville CT

Thanks it means alot

New Gas Guns in

Just in VFC Smith and Weston M&P compact 9mm gas blow back pistols, and spare mags

Colin GZA

December 15 King33 and GZA CQB Sim class

King 33 & Ground Zero Airsoft
King 33 is proud to announce Tactical training with Simunition with GROUND ZERO AIRSOFT USA
Tactical Training Course schedule, pricing and overview:
Simunition/FX has been in use by military and law enforcement since the late 1980’s and is now available to the public in the United States. This means you can take your training or game to the highest level possible only with the certified, insured and qualified instructors at King 33.
December 15th from 7-9PM $50 per shooter (inlcudes 15 sim rounds) plus additional ammo expense .58 cents per round.
7PM, admin period, waivers, payment, King 33/Simunition introduction and overview
7:20-8PM moving and shooting training
8-9PM Force on Force Scenarios (These scenarios are something you will be use to in using a team of 2-3 people to gain a strong hold against the opposing team while they attempt to do the same to you)
What you will learn is how to use the Simunition/FX training system, ammunition, weapons conversion kits (Glock & Sig, Stag M4 and Binelli shotgun) and protective equipment.
What you will gain in experience is “the next level” in your search for entertainment and or training; we guarantee that this type of experience is invaluable aside from the price of the class.
This type of training while fun teaches a lot of lessons of which a few are through a level of pain that is associated with the Simunition marking rounds upon impact on your body, second is that with the marking rounds you get to see where you hit your opponent as well they know where they were hit (no cheating) this is also a take home reminder that you could have performed your tactics to a higher standard to avoid being hit. This system is also used to validate your level of training, the less you get hit the better you are performing your level of skill and the more you hit your opponent proves the same lesson in a higher level of stress than found in “gaming”.
We look forward to seeing you at Ground Zero Airsoft field.

The next class is scheduled for December 15 at 7pm. The cost is $50.00 per shooter that includes 15 round of Sim Ammo. You may purchase more if you like.
All participants must be prepaid and at least 15 minutes early to the Indoor CQB facility.
You may call the shop to pay by phone, or paypal at EMAIL