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Plate Carrier Models

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You can buy a plate carrier to suit your roll, needs and physical condition. Below you can find some of the various plate carrier models on the market. I’ve also included a buyers guide to plate carriers to help you with your decisions. Please use that in accordance with the information listed here to help you decide on what kind of tactical gear you purchase.


AAV Plate Carrier

The AAV is a component of the US Marine Corps’s FSBE or Full Spectrum Battle Equipment system. Like the Interceptor Body Armor listed above, this plate carrier can take addition protective plates for the neck and groin, but has a quick release system similar to the RAV.

CIRAS – Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System

CIRAS Plate Carrier

CIRAS plate carriers have a cable release system allowing a single pull release of the plate carrier system. These have cummerbunds as well as removable shoulder pads. These plate carriers also carry front, back and side SAPI plates.

Crye Body Armor

CRYE Body Armor

Crye Precision has a body armor that uses a contoured hard shell plate design on the front and back. It features PALS webbing as well. The is part of the Army Objective Warrior program. Not a plate carrier per say, but a good look at where body armor is going.

Interceptor Body Armor

Interceptor Body Armor

Interceptor Body Armor or IBA is a plate carrier with removable protection for the throat, shoulders and groin. It has placements for SAPI plates and is covered in PALS webbing for MOLLE capable accessories. These plate carriers are currently in use by the US Military.

MBSS Plate Carrier Harness

MBSS Plate Carrier

These harnesses offer front and back plate carrier protection with PALS webbing. Many tactical gear manufacturers make these under various acronyms and with various features, but the general specs remain the same. Chest and back protection with a MOLLE system compatibility.

MOLLE Plate Carrier

MOLLE Plate Carrier

Basically a plate carrier harness with detachable cummerbunds that provide protection for your sides. MOLLE accessories can be attached to every surface as well as a full compliment of SAPI plate armor.

Releasable Assault Vest or RAV Plate Carrier

Releaseable Assualt Vest

RAV is a modular plate carrier with a single point release system to quickly release your plate carrier from your body. These feature SAPI plate pockets in the front, back and sides for protection.


RRV Rhodesian Recon Vests

Rhodesian Recon Vests are a harness with a MOLLE Compatible frontal platform capable of carrying a single plate of armor. MBSS points are on the shoulders for further attachments.

SPEAR Body Armor

SPEAR Body Armor

SPEAR body armor is issued to US Special Forces members across all branches. It’s a soft armor plate carrier with throat and groin protectors and PALS webbing.

Other Plate Carriers

Many tactical gear manufacturers have their own spins on the various designs offering different ergonomics, quality of products and features. We’ve listed some of the many available here. Many companies manufacture knock offs of these plate carrier and chest rigs.