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Tactical Gear Manufacturers

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Today you can buy a plate carrier, tactical clothing, and chest rigs from a variety of tactical gear manufacturers. You can often pick up used and new tactical gear at your local military surplus store as well.  Below we will be listing some of the more popular brands.  I’ve also added a buyers guide for both plate carriers and chest rigs that should help you out.  It can easily help you make a decision in conjunction with this page and the plate carrier models page.

The following I’ll be grouping together as they all seem to be similarly designed. Branding may be different and they may be made out of slightly better materials, but for the most part, they’re copies of one an another.  We are in no way associated with any of these manufacturers.

5.11, Inc Tactical Gear

5.11 Tactical is a United States based tactical gear manufacturer that produces gear for military, police and fire personnel. 5.11 aims to offer a high quality product at a price point that creates a value for the end user. 5.11 Tactical produces tactical pants, chest rigs, packs, pouches, holsters and many other forms of tactical gear.

Blackhawk! Tactical Gear

Blackhawk! has been manufacturing tactical gear for almost 20 years in the US. Blackhawk! tactical gear was dreamed up after the founder, former Navy SEAL Mike Noell’s pack gave out on him during an operation. He vowed to make tactical gear that wouldn’t fail in the toughest environment and set out to do just that. Blackhawk! tactical gear is now WIDELY sold and available at most retailers and is recognized as an industry leader.

Condor Outdoor Tactical Gear

Condor has been producing tactical gear for over 20 years. Their tactical gear is made internationally as well as in the USA. Condor is licensed to use Crye’s Multicam pattern and their tactical gear is sold widely world wide for both civilian and military use.

Pantac Tactical Gear

Pantac is a Chinese company that started out in the airsoft market. Pantac produces surprisingly high quality tactical gear that is sold and in use world wide by both professionals and the airsoft market they started in. They make their tactical gear products out of 1000 denier Cordura, YKK zippers, ITW and UTX buckles.

High End Tactical Gear

ATS Tactical Gear

ATS is another US Company made up of retired Military and LEO that sell high end tactical gear made to take the abuse you will find in the field.

Eagle Industries Tactical Gear

Eagle Industries is a US company that has been in business since the 1970’s producing high end gear for the civilian market before moving onto making some of the best tactical gear in the world.

High Speed Gear, Inc.

HSGI is made in the USA as well, and is a smaller company focused on making the gear their customers want to see.  They often incorporate customer suggestions into their tactical gear and use the highest quality products to make them.

Paraclete Armor Tactical Gear (MSA)

MSA has been around since the first world war, providing gas masks and other gear for the US Military.  They now manufacture ACH hemlets and MICH Comm’s along with plate carriers, body armor and other tactical gear.

Safariland Tactical Gear

Safariland is another US Company that started out in the 1960’s making thousands of models of holsters.  They’ve since branched out into body armor and other tactical gear.

S.O.E Tactical Gear

Special Operations Equipment is out of San Diego and and makes high quality tactical gear by hand.

S.O. Tech Tactical Gear

Spec Ops Tech is another American company that takes a no expense spared path to creating highly ergonomic and customer oriented tactical gear.


Other Tactical Gear

Please inform us if you would like listed any other manufactures of plate carriers and tactical gear.