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Tactitee Review!

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Introducing, the Tactitee!

Tactitee Logo

The Tactitee; For those of us on Airsoft teams, or those who appreciate the finer points of wearing tshirts with our favorite brands printed on them, we often find one problem when decking out for a solid day of airsoft play.  As soon as we put on a plate carrier, our shirts are now covered and no one can see your team insignia or favorite brand.  With that in mind,  Ambro Manufacturing recently contacted me in hopes that I’d take a look at a new product they’d come up with; the Tactitee!

What is a Tactitee?

The general concept of the Tactitee is so simple, I don’t know why no one had come up with it already.   Take your standard high quality, screen printable tshirt, and apply a 4×5 inch quality velcro patch to each sleeve with superb stitching, and walla, Tactitee!    My own team was looking at having our Dire Wolf Team logo screen printed on at least one sleeve, so when the fine folks at Ambro contacted me regarding their new product, the timing could not have been better.  I also had plenty of questions.

About Ambro Manufacturing

Ambro, as it turns out, is based in New Jersey.   They operate a 15000 square foot facility hiring American workers to provide a higher quality product than you’d receive from those who off shore their work to foreign companies.  I’ve used companies that outsource their work to China in the past and have been thoroughly disappointed in the performance and quality.   Ambro also uses green technology like solar panels to help cut their overhead and as such employ some 15 hard working Americans to produce their products.   At present, their Tactitee product is only produced in a short sleeve variant.   They’re tooling up to produce long sleeve variants around Christmas 2013.   They are also an Under Armor Dealer, so you can expect to see those get the Tactitee treatment along with rip-stop shirts and hoodies and other options in the near future.

Ambro Manufacturing is also a one stop shop for high quality screen printing, sublimation printing, rhinestones (for the distinguished airsofter), vinyl and sewn patches as well as PVC patches, decals, laminated decals and pad printing.   An airsoft team or airsoft business could do all their brand related garment shopping here and trust that it will be made in house by hard working Americans.   Basically, your airsoft team could be outfitted with everything required to look the part and still have the ability to apply team and morale patches while wearing just a T shirt on a hot summers day – Something I’ve wanted personally for years.

Tactitee Specifications

So, onto the actual Tactitee product itself.    The Tactitee starts out as a 100% cotton pre-shrunk cotton fabric shirt @ 5.4 oz.  The shirts have been wash tested by the company to ensure that they hold up well to fade and wear.    The velcro adhesion panels are sewn with a zig-zag stitch and tacked down around each edge with a hold down X in the center.   This will provide plenty of patch removals with out fear of it coming loose from the underlying fabric.    Because the fabric is pre-shrunk as well, you won’t have to worry about the panels bending or creasing as the fabric below it shrinks with washing.    The Tactitees are currently being offered in Black, Canel (Tan), and Olive Drab Green

The MSRP for the Tactitee is set to be between 19.95-22.95 depending on the size of the shirt.    Street pricing may vary depending on the market.    For larger orders (2 orders of 144) they will print a logo on one side of the shirt for free.   Smaller orders the setup fee is 25 per screen per color.  In the case of my Direwolf Team shirts, I’d be looking at a one time setup charge of 150 as we utilize 3 colors front and back.  From doing past T-Shirt runs, I know this is industry standard.    They have no plans to sell these shirts retail.  In other words, dealers only unless you’re ordering prints like above.    Dealer/Wholesale pricing leaves a healthy profit margin in place for those in that market!   If all you’re interested in purchasing a Tactitee for personal use, contact your local airsoft retailer to see if they can get  the Tactitee product line in for you.

Tactitee Impressions


I have to admit, when I first took the Tactitee out of its box and checked it out, I thought the sleeves were going to be uncomfortable due to the stiffness of the velcro panels.   I was wrong!  While certainly stiffer, it’s really no different than your standard BDU shirt, albeit with lighter fabric.   Once patches are attached it just falls comfortably in place, and the creases you see above no longer exist.   I applied a variety of patches in different area’s of the panel.  Due to the short sleeve configuration, I would suggest you not go below the bottom of the panel.  I had one of my team patches at the bottom and found that it’d touch my skin occasionally as I moved.  It was just distracting.  Moving the patches up resulted in no such distractions and allowed me to show pride as I see fit.  I pulled patches on and off while leaving others in place and found no problems with the Tactitee’s panels pulling loose.  

I was also surprised to find that the Tactitee itself was it’s own brand t-shirt.  As a production garment company, I figured the base shirt would be a Champion or Gilden or some other brand shirt.  Having worked with other screen printers in the past, I know what a quality print looks like, and the logos and size listing are all top notch.  If you’re team or store is looking for something a little more casual than a combat shirt, this may be the ticket, particularly when your own team or shop logo’s are added to it.  It’s light weight, comfortable, and allows you to display anything you’d like on both arms.  These are sure to catch on in the coming months!   Totally recommend the Tactitee if you’re in the market!