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What is Required to Play Airsoft?

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Requirements for Playing Airsoft – Airsoft CT’s Standard Airsoft Load Out

Airsoft CT Load out

Airsoft is a sport that involves endurance, rugged terrain, type A personalities, and projectiles being fired at you.  Being properly prepared for all of these contingencies will allow you to have a safe and enjoyable outing at any Airsoft field.

First and Most Important Requirement for Playing Airsoft

This one won’t even cost you any money! Airsoft is a game of honor, and as such, you’re required to be an honest individual.  There is generally no scoring in airsoft.  No one keeps “body counts”.  This isn’t Call of Duty.  When you come out to the field, expect a lot of testosterone.  Many of the people attracted to this sport are younger males with type A personalities and a lot of machismo.  That said, they’re also plenty friendly.  Come to airsoft games with a good attitude, expecting to learn (I still do every time!) and have fun.

We don’t need airsoft players that are overly aggressive, dishonest, and or flat out dangerous to themselves or others.   There’s no reason this can not be a safe and enjoyable experience for one and all.  Be respectful of others, respect the rules of the game, and respect your airsoft gun safety practices and you’ll have a fun safe time out there!

Tactical Load Out Requirements

As for airsoft tactical gear that will cost you money, we’ll break that down here.

  • Uniforms.  You can go to Bill’s Military Surplus and pick up a classic woodland BDU set along with a tri-color desert set of DCU‘s for 20 bucks cash per set.  This will allow you to play either side, at any game.  You can always go out and purchase other camouflage styles after, albeit at increased expense.  Even international airsoft games require these two BDU and DCU sets for teams.
  • Red Rag, and glow stick for Night games.  You can buy 50 red rags at an auto parts store for a couple bucks.  They’re required to show that you’re hit.
  • Solid boots.  Don’t skimp on these.  You can expect to pay under 40 bucks for used ones at an Army Surplus store, and well over 100 dollars for modern combat boots.  Bates, Converse, Oakley and many other tactical gear manufactures sell them.
  • Hydration – This is CRITICAL FOR AIRSOFT.  Camelbaks are under 50 bucks, and often come with a plate carrier or chest rigs, which cost about the same.  Canteens can be even cheaper, and if you’re really strapped for cash, a water bottle will do in a pinch, but you absolutely NEED to hydrate constantly.  You’ll be running around with an addition 30 lbs of gear and clothing on in various environments.  If you’re peeing anything but clear, you need water.   You should also hydrate plenty before and after games, to ensure that your body stays in top shape.
  • Those under 18 are REQUIRED to wear a paintball mask with full face coverage.  Everyone else can get buy with full seal ANSI Rated impact resistant googles or glasses.
  • A Radio or Walkie Talkie is mandatory.  If you don’t have one of these and get lost, it could be hours or longer before someone finds you.   Some of the airsoft fields in the north east are massive and filled with tough terrain.  Furthermore, with out being able to listen and communicate on a radio, your team will be at a massive disadvantage.  Communications and coordination wins airsoft games, not fire fights.   Purchase an FRS radio with 22 channels, and preferably a headset and microphone.  Also, rip the “Call Button” off the walkie talkie and disable the VOX option.  Your team mates will thank you.  Motorola and Midland are two brands I’d recommend.
  • A Whistle.   Again, incase you get lost or injured and your radio isn’t helping.
  • A Compass.  In most cases, this is only for emergencies.
  • Food to munch on.  Energy bars, fruit, nuts, ect.  Quick pick me ups will keep you running in the field.  If you get lost, it’s also nice to have some food to get by on.
  • Buy a Load Bearing Vest, Plate Carrier, or Chest rig..  Some kind of tactical vest to hold magazines, BB’s, food and water.
  • An Airsoft gun.  At the very least an airsoft rifle with a couple of magazines.  If you have high capacity airsoft magazines, you can get by with 2.  If you have airsoft midcap magazines I’d bring 6 with me.  An airsoft pistol is not required, and in most cases seldom gets used except for room clearing where an airsoft rifle is not allowed

Airsoft Tactical Gear Requirement Summary

This list was put together with  years of experience and seeing injuries that could have been prevented had the person taken the care to take care of their own safety and well being.   Most of these items should be common sense.  All have been included here to ensure that you have a safe, fun and enjoyable day of airsoft.


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